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OBS noise reduction from horizontal and vertical components using harmonic-percussive separation algorithms

Example of one day OBS signal

After installing the package, in order to denoise a signal you can use the following code. The outputs are the denoised signal and the spectrogram as below.The spectrogram shows only the frequency range of [0-1] Hz.

import noisecut
import obspy

st ='D10.DO.HH4..D.2012.080.000000')
hps_trace, spectrograms = noisecut.noisecut(st[0], ret_spectrograms=True)

network architecture


For the installation you need to clone the repository. Then run "python install" in the terminal. You need the Numpy version of 2.21.


NoiseCut is licenced under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3).