A seismology toolkit for Python
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import random
import requests
def quoteliteral(s):
s = '\n'.join(' '+x for x in s.splitlines())
return '''```
''' % s
def to_message():
message = {
'username': 'Pyrocko Build Factory',
'icon_url': 'https://pyrocko.org/_static/pyrocko.svg',
'attachments': [],
text = '\n'.join(
'%s: %s' % (k, os.environ[k]) for k in sorted(os.environ.keys()))
env = os.environ
keys = '''
commit commit_message
commit_author commit_author_name commit_author_email commit_link
build_number build_link build_status
env = dict((k, os.environ['DRONE_' + k.upper()]) for k in keys)
emos_success = [':%s:' % s for s in '''
sunny star hatched_chick hamster dog butterfly sunglasses smile
heart_eyes stuck_out_tongue smile_cat muscle +1 ok_hand clap rainbow
beer champagne clinking_glasses medal_sports medal_military
man_cartwheeling woman_cartwheeling fireworks'''.split()]
emos_failure = [':%s:' % s for s in '''
frowning_face weary skull skull_and_crossbones cold_sweat -1
middle_finger scream_cat hankey tornado cloud_with_rain fire 8ball
boxing_glove hocho bomb rage1'''.split()]
env['emo'] = random.choice(
emos_success if env['build_status'] == 'success' else emos_failure)
artifacts = []
for name, link in [
('docs', 'https://data.pyrocko.org/builds/%s/docs/'),
('coverage', 'https://data.pyrocko.org/builds/%s/coverage/'),
('wheels', 'https://data.pyrocko.org/builds/%s/wheels/')]:
link = link % env['commit']
r = requests.get(link)
if r.status_code == 200:
artifacts.append((name, link))
env['artifacts'] = ' '.join(
'[%s](%s)' % (name, link) for (name, link) in artifacts)
text = '''{emo} **Build [{build_number}]({build_link}): {build_status}**
Commit: [{commit}]({commit_link}) by {commit_author} ([{commit_author_name}](mailto:{commit_author_email}))
Artifacts: {artifacts}
'''.format(**env) # noqa
attachment = {
'fallback': 'test',
'color': '#33CC33' if env['build_status'] == 'success' else '#CC3333',
'text': text,
return message
def mattermost_post(webhook, message):
requests.post(webhook, json=message)
if __name__ == '__main__':
webhook = os.environ.get('WEBHOOK', None)
message = to_message()
if webhook:
mattermost_post(webhook, message)