4562 Commits (master)

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  Pyrocko Test Debugger 4f7fceb275 directivity plot: backwards compatibility 5 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 7ccbb77f8d update changelog 5 months ago
  mmetz 4f697aad9a process_dynamic timeseries: bugfix 5 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann afc1877571 gf: Fix error in exception handling and follow exception message conventions. 5 months ago
  mmetz d208371ef7 process dynamic timeseries: updated hierachy 5 months ago
  mmetz 77f1416e13 LocalEngine target deltat: update test and logger warning 5 months ago
  mmetz ede348b80a LocalEngine target deltat handling: test 5 months ago
  mmetz b1127d535b Reworked handling of sample rate handling in base seismogramm calc 10 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 44231232ab correct typo 5 months ago
  mmetz 74c3400a34 pile viewer: Adjust StationXML loading QFileDialog 6 months ago
  mmetz 58234b70db added snuffler loading option for load stationxml in main window 10 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann b489ed9bcf psgrn/pscmp: improve documentation about use of non-standard units 5 months ago
  miili 88ad5e9d34 test.gf.psgrn_pscmp: fixing plotting calls 6 months ago
  miili 6a6feff2fc psgrn_pscmp: fix test 6 months ago
  miili a9c10b562f psgrn_pscmp.extra: making spacing optional 6 months ago
  miili a9381df6b7 psgrn_pscmp: gf_spacing now optional 6 months ago
  miili eb032b8f04 cleanup test 11 months ago
  miili 579d512c02 psgrn_pscmp: upd timing and gf_spacing 11 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 9a6f251fe3 directivity plot example: add missing plot 5 months ago
  miili 0f2b69caa0 examples.directivity: using existing store 6 months ago
  miili 99e6b7c493 gf.meta: Timings using strcmp 6 months ago
  miili 2d01a5c996 plot_directivity: fix anchor shift to phase arrival 6 months ago
  miili 055a2db90b directiviy: fix examples 6 months ago
  miili e1e411c3f9 flake8 cleanup 6 months ago
  miili 9745c6775a directivity: updates and added functionality 6 months ago
  miili fa671ad59b fixing PEP8 and ScalarMappable compat 7 months ago
  miili 17c376254c plot.directivity: adding envelope plot 7 months ago
  miili 343431d97a plot.directivity: adding docs and examples 7 months ago
  miili 8fc2727042 plot.directivity: added annotations // cleanup 7 months ago
  miili 0a0abbf5f1 plot.directivity: plotting directivity of gf.Source 7 months ago
  miili 47d9df0194 plot.beachball: adding axes transform 7 months ago
  miili 1ab1f12579 gf.meta: Timings, added `%` modifyer 7 months ago
  miili b176ff7bfc jackseis: using mseed def / renamed CLI argument 6 months ago
  miili 15321e013a mseed: adding global VALID_RECORD_LENGTHS 6 months ago
  miili 4248a610d8 jackseis: adding record-length argument 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann cb0ee4e0a7 update changelog 5 months ago
  mmetz fdd0ff81f0 trace: typo fix in sta lta docu 5 months ago
  mmetz db9d9f9ef0 trace: '^' in sta_lta doc string for right formula display 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 832a6bdb59 gmtpy-epstopdf: always produce PDF v1.5 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann e73ec90213 geofon catalog: ignore loudly when MT not available 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 92f1f87452 geofon catalog: handle missing `hasMT` case 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 56187f53e1 cake: remove a debugging statement 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann b2dc49f560 fix a compatibility issue 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 1a547a2094 cake snuffling: remove duplicate entry PcP 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann ed83c67ae3 version 2020.10.26 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 83e5b97638 update changelog 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 12d59a3501 flake8 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5671d71981 trace.transfer: revert to demean before fft by default 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 98ff384cb2 flake8 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann f7cb758d9f fdsn: fix corrupt geonet wadl 6 months ago