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## [Unreleased]
### Added
- New command line option for jackseis: `--record-length`
- Timing definition offsets can now take `%` as suffix to scale phase
traveltimes relatively.
- New plot function to show radiation pattern / azimuthal distribution of
directivity effects for synthetics.
- Snuffler: load StationXML via menu.
### Fixed
- Fix plotting issues in cake.
- Update Geofon catalog to handle MTs correctly after Geofon web page update.
- Fix typos in STA/LTA documentation.
- Fomosto PSGRN/PSCMP backend: improved control of modelling parameters,
fixes some accuracy issues, regarding the spacial sampling interval.
- Improved handling of differing sampling rates and interpolation settings
when modelling multiple targets in `gf.Engine.process`.
### Changed
- GmtPy now forces PDF version 1.5 when producing PDFs (newer PDFs caused