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# This file exists so you can easily regenerate your project.
# Unfortunatelly cookiecutter can't use this right away so
# you have to copy this file to ~/.cookiecutterrc
c_extension_optional: 'no'
c_extension_support: 'no'
codecov: 'no'
command_line_interface: 'no'
coveralls: 'no'
distribution_name: 'sphinx-py3doc-enhanced-theme'
email: ''
full_name: 'Ionel Cristian Mărieș'
github_username: 'ionelmc'
landscape: 'no'
package_name: 'sphinx_py3doc_enhanced_theme'
project_name: 'Enhanced Sphinx theme (based on Python 3 docs)'
project_short_description: 'A theme based on the theme of with some responsive enhancements.'
release_date: '2015-07-08'
repo_name: 'sphinx-py3doc-enhanced-theme'
scrutinizer: 'no'
sphinx_theme: 'sphinx-py3doc-enhanced-theme'
test_matrix_configurator: 'no'
test_runner: 'pytest'
version: '2.0.2'
website: ''
year: '2014-2015'