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  Sebastian Heimann a86db65e64 fixed background, link colors and added keyword style 3 years ago
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  miili 13fc367154 Renaming to `sphinx_sleekcat_theme` 3 years ago
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  Mi! dbe3249ad4 Merge pull request #1 from ionelmc/master 3 years ago
  Ionel Cristian Mărieș 640d8926e4 Bump version: 2.3.2 → 2.4.0 3 years ago
  Ionel Cristian Mărieș e234088779 Update changelog. 3 years ago
  Ionel Cristian Mărieș 008cb420c7 Merge pull request #11 from pyrocko/master 3 years ago
  miili 7d21bcaaeb Added support for Google Web Fonts 3 years ago
  Ionel Cristian Mărieș 75e275f8e4 Bump version: 2.3.1 → 2.3.2 4 years ago
  Ionel Cristian Mărieș e039e4d9a9 Fix regression in sidebar size when there was no page content. Sidebar has its own height again. 4 years ago