• v2021.06.29 d74156e282

    emolch released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release


    • Windows support (experimental).
    • Jackseis: can now use 3-digit Julian day in output filename templates.


    • Snuffler: improved fidelity when working with many markers. It should now be
      possible to smoothly handle 100.000 markers. The option
      --disable-marker-sorting can be supplied to disable sorting in the marker
      side-panel for an additional speedup.
    • Improved high precision (HP) time handling. Pyrocko now has two distinct
      modes for time handling. Timestamps are now handled either as 64-bit floats
      or as 96/128-bit floats. The mode can be selected by environment variable,
      config setting or by a call to util.use_high_precicion_time at program
      startup. HP time mode is only available on platforms where NumPy's HP floats
      are available. HP time mode is necessary when handling data with sampling
      rates above 100 kHz.
    • Dropping support for Python 2 binary distribution packages (Anaconda and
    • Python 2 support will be removed from Pyrocko in the near future in order to
      reduce our maintenance and testing workload. Sorry.


    • Fixed an error in Double-DC source which caused incorrect placement of the