25 Commits (3949db506c272b78b984a118aa0ccc988356be7e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  braunfuss 3949db506c rotation 8 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann a6b49f38a4 remove dependency on future 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann cbc033c7d4 fomosto qssp: add PPEG defaults for extra/qseis 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5e3f3b3e9c fomosto qssp: support QSSP PPEG variant 1 year ago
  asteinbe 979857c44b fomosto qssp: QSSP 2017 support 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann f1dd2b42de fomosto: update links to backend docs 1 year ago
  Marius Kriegerowski cb3743488a fomosto: use force to accept holes in TTT 2 years ago
  Katrin Leinweber 64d1a2e89c Link DOIs to preferred resolver (#259) 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 9273a44d4e harmonize logger names 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 1ebc025cf6 cleanly skip tests requiring certain fomosto backends 3 years ago
  miili 44be11ba52 Restructure 3 years ago
  miili 0f8f60ef09 Prepended header to all .py 3 years ago
  miili d6a51563e9 fomosto py3 cleanup 3 years ago
  miili 01b74e5e4b upd py3 3 years ago
  miili 5e963e4f8d fomosto/gf py3 wip 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann b30c68e71e fomosto: improved error messages when backend codes are missing 3 years ago
  miili cf99c2ca30 Fomosto passing force through Builder 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann b9621bfb14 fomosto/qssp: report computation times for each processed block 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann c5e3f62c2a qssp wrapper: allow and use negative start times 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 0138220803 fomosto.qssp: flake8 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 07a43019a7 fomosto: fixed a problem with runtime warnings in qssp/qseis 5 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 04650a955b fomosto: reorganized qseis and qssp backends 6 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann aaa39e7372 fomosto qseis: support for QSEIS version 6a 6 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 75c95786e7 fomosto qssp backend: added fading capabilities 6 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 18a3747c57 renamed 'pyrocko' subdir to 'src' 6 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 76868824bf yaml/guts: use 'pf' namespace everywhere 6 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann b4d1fb5b0a fomosto build: added --block option to cooperate with queuing systems 7 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 3096f03866 fomosto: use directory name for store ID 7 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 76e9bfe928 integrated guts into pyrocko 7 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5ac11d466c fomosto: include qseis and qssp wrappers with pyrocko 7 years ago