4596 Commits (master)

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  Sebastian Heimann bd6f370075 snufflings: warn about missing markdown module 8 hours ago
  Pyrocko Test Debugger ef6eeed3af testing: update centos-7 vagrant setup 3 days ago
  Wasja Bloch 6382e087b8 mt.MomentTensor: add getter methods for east-north-up system 2 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann 4971d5e5ac version 2021.04.02 3 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann 04148340ec typo 3 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann 0ce1e0f466 pip: improve compatibility with older numpy versions 3 weeks ago
  miili 119e40ac65 plot.directivity: Dict for phase definition 3 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann d8a4b2bd00 avoid some numpy warnings 3 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann dc481d7d4a examples: fix import error in beachball example 3 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann a8d75324e0 beachball: workaround for buggy matplotlib ~ 3.4.1 3 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann 3a69227bcb vagrant testing: upgrade centos miniconda 3 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5f33b36b57 snuffler: close window confirmation dialog 3 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann e568f28ea4 docs: fix typo 3 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann 9dcab3169b update changelog and authors 3 weeks ago
  Wasja Bloch 4556cdc701 mt.MomentTensor: add m_east_north_up test and doc 3 weeks ago
  Wasja Bloch b289248764 mt.MomentTensor: add m_east_north_up kwarg 3 weeks ago
  hvasbath 1afacd2ec0 testing: test_gf_psgrn_pscmp reduce test time 4 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann 4a5953f16e testing: fix issues in psgrn pscmp tests 4 weeks ago
  Sebastian Heimann 73286ec46e guts: py2/3 compatibility fix 4 weeks ago
  Marius Isken 08de34966c pre-commit: adding pre-commit 4 weeks ago
  hvasbath a37a263e57 seismosizer.RectangularSource add opening_fraction argument 2 months ago
  miili d2e3727a47 guts: adding !include constructor 3 months ago
  mmetz 84bf1f8771 gf.SFSource: bugfix discretize_basesource 1 month ago
  Marius Isken 45edd05422 gitea: adding issue and PR templates 4 weeks ago
  Marius Isken 87ef7229d4 Update 'CONTRIBUTING.md' 4 weeks ago
  Marius Isken c16c304e5a snuffler: setting env QT_MAC_WANTS_LAYER=1 1 month ago
  Sebastian Heimann c812891ed6 testing: fix tests on older numpy 4 weeks ago
  Pyrocko Test Debugger 8e9c499fc1 vagrant tests: no x forwarding 1 month ago
  Sebastian Heimann f939a3209a quakeml: improvements to get_pyrocko_events 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 77817d93eb beachball: fix broken sizing of symbols for case transform='data' 2 months ago
  Marius Isken 453e07ae81 apps.jackseis: fixing py2 compat 2 months ago
  Marius Isken c4d4f8da4d test.io: fixing py compat 2 months ago
  Marius Isken f4e1b551b2 jackseis: defaulting to STEIM2 compression 3 months ago
  Marius Isken faab4717e5 io.mseed: adding STEIM compression option 3 months ago
  Pyrocko Test Debugger 4f7fceb275 directivity plot: backwards compatibility 5 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 7ccbb77f8d update changelog 5 months ago
  mmetz 4f697aad9a process_dynamic timeseries: bugfix 5 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann afc1877571 gf: Fix error in exception handling and follow exception message conventions. 5 months ago
  mmetz d208371ef7 process dynamic timeseries: updated hierachy 5 months ago
  mmetz 77f1416e13 LocalEngine target deltat: update test and logger warning 5 months ago
  mmetz ede348b80a LocalEngine target deltat handling: test 5 months ago
  mmetz b1127d535b Reworked handling of sample rate handling in base seismogramm calc 10 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 44231232ab correct typo 5 months ago
  mmetz 74c3400a34 pile viewer: Adjust StationXML loading QFileDialog 6 months ago
  mmetz 58234b70db added snuffler loading option for load stationxml in main window 10 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann b489ed9bcf psgrn/pscmp: improve documentation about use of non-standard units 5 months ago
  miili 88ad5e9d34 test.gf.psgrn_pscmp: fixing plotting calls 6 months ago
  miili 6a6feff2fc psgrn_pscmp: fix test 6 months ago
  miili a9c10b562f psgrn_pscmp.extra: making spacing optional 6 months ago
  miili a9381df6b7 psgrn_pscmp: gf_spacing now optional 6 months ago