DAS routines and modelling.
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1 year ago
import numpy as num
from lightguide import restitution as res
1 year ago
from pyrocko import trace
1 year ago
def test_de2e(syn_das_data):
syn_e = syn_das_data(quantity="strain", sample_rate=5.0, smoothing_sigma=100.0)
syn_de = syn_das_data(
quantity="strain_rate", sample_rate=5.0, smoothing_sigma=100.0
1 year ago
1 year ago
res_e = res.de_to_e(syn_de, copy=True)
1 year ago
1 year ago
# num.testing.assert_equal(
# [tr.ydata for tr in res_e],
# [tr.ydata for tr in syn_e]
# )
for tr in res_e:
trace.snuffle(syn_e + res_e)