A friendly earthquake detector.
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import os.path as op
from string import Template
from collections import defaultdict
from pyrocko.guts import Object, String
from pyrocko.gf import Earthmodel1D
guts_prefix = 'lassie'
def data_file(fn):
return op.join(op.split(__file__)[0], 'data', fn)
class LassieError(Exception):
class Earthmodel(Object):
id = String.T()
class CakeEarthmodel(Earthmodel):
earthmodel_1d = Earthmodel1D.T()
def grouped_by(l, key):
d = defaultdict(list)
for x in l:
return d
def xjoin(basepath, path):
if path is None and basepath is not None:
return basepath
elif op.isabs(path) or basepath is None:
return path
return op.join(basepath, path)
def xrelpath(path, start):
if op.isabs(path):
return path
return op.relpath(path, start)
class Path(String):
class HasPaths(Object):
path_prefix = Path.T(optional=True)
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
Object.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
self._basepath = None
self._parent_path_prefix = None
def ichildren(self):
for (prop, val) in self.T.ipropvals(self):
if isinstance(val, HasPaths):
yield val
elif prop.multivalued and val is not None:
for ele in val:
if isinstance(ele, HasPaths):
yield ele
def set_basepath(self, basepath, parent_path_prefix=None):
self._basepath = basepath
self._parent_path_prefix = parent_path_prefix
for val in self.ichildren():
basepath, self.path_prefix or self._parent_path_prefix)
def get_basepath(self):
assert self._basepath is not None
return self._basepath
def change_basepath(self, new_basepath, parent_path_prefix=None):
assert self._basepath is not None
self._parent_path_prefix = parent_path_prefix
if self.path_prefix or not self._parent_path_prefix:
self.path_prefix = op.normpath(xjoin(xrelpath(
self._basepath, new_basepath), self.path_prefix))
for val in self.ichildren():
new_basepath, self.path_prefix or self._parent_path_prefix)
self._basepath = new_basepath
def expand_path(self, path, extra=None):
assert self._basepath is not None
if extra is None:
def extra(path):
return path
path_prefix = self.path_prefix or self._parent_path_prefix
if path is None:
return None
elif isinstance(path, str):
return extra(
op.normpath(xjoin(self._basepath, xjoin(path_prefix, path))))
return [
op.normpath(xjoin(self._basepath, xjoin(path_prefix, p))))
for p in path]
def expand_template(template, d):
return Template(template).substitute(d)
except KeyError as e:
raise LassieError(
'invalid placeholder "%s" in template: "%s"' % (str(e), template))
except ValueError:
raise LassieError(
'malformed placeholder in template: "%s"' % template)
def bark():
import subprocess
subprocess.call(['aplay', data_file('bark.wav')])
__all__ = [