A friendly earthquake detector.
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A friendly earthquake detector.


First, install Pyrocko, then install Lassie:

git clone https://gitext.gfz-potsdam.de/heimann/lassie.git
cd lassie
sudo python setup.py install

Tutorial: detecting events in a regional network

This tutorial explains how to use Lassie to detect events in a regional network. The one-day test dataset from the Alentejo region in South Portugal can be downloaded from http://kinherd.org/lassie-example-alentejo.tar (235 MB). Data from 12 seismic stations from the DOCTAR experiment and from 5 permanent stations from regional networks [REFERENCE] are included. A region of roughly 100 x 100 km is covered by the available data.

Dataset setup

# download data and unpack
wget http://kinherd.org/lassie-example-alentejo.tar
tar -xf lassie-example-alentejo.tar
cd lassie-example-alentejo
# data/                 - raw data in mseed format
# stations.txt          - text file with station coordinates
# confirmed-events.txt  - catalog with some known events

To get a quick overview on the dataset, use the Snuffler application which is part of Pyrocko.

snuffler --stations=stations.txt --events=confirmed-events.txt data/