Convert Silixa iDAS TDSM data to MiniSeed
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iDAS TDMS Converter

this suite converts and downsamples Silixa iDAS TDMS data files to MiniSeed.


python3 install


Dump a config file

idas_convert dump_config

Example Config

--- !idas.iDASConvertConfig
# Loading TDMS in parallel and process
nthreads_loading: 1
nthreads_processing: 8
queue_size: 32
processing_batch_size: 8

# Threads used for downsampling the data
nthreads: 8

# Input paths
- /home/isken/src/idas-convert

# Out path, see for details
outpath: '%(tmin_year)s%(tmin_month)s%(tmin_day)s/%(network)s.%(station)s_%(tmin_year)s%(tmin_month)s%(tmin_day)s.mseed'

# Overwrite mseed meta information
new_network_code: ID
new_channel_code: HSF

downsample_to: 200.0

# MiniSeed record length
record_length: 4096
# MiniSeed STEIM compression
steim: 2


# A plugin handling the communication with the GFZ tage file system
- !idas_convert.gfz_tapes.GFZTapesConfig
  enabled: false
  bytes_stage: 1T
  waterlevel: 0.6
  wait_warning_interval: 600.0
  release_files: true
  path_tapes_mount: /projects/ether/
  path_tapes_prefix: /archive_FO1/RAW/

# A Telegram bot to keep up-to-date with the process
- !idas_convert.telegram_bot.TelegramBotConfig
  enabled: false
  # Telegram API Token
  token: 9e98b8c0567149eb861838a1d770be7d
  # Telegram Chat ID
  chat_id: -1237123123
  # A status message will be dispatched every 3600 s
  status_interval: 3600.0

Start Conversion

idas_convert my_config.yml

See idas_convert -h for more options.