A probabilistic earthquake source inversion framework. Designed and crafted in Mordor. https://pyrocko.org/grond/
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Sebastian Heimann 715310b77f flake8 2 months ago
__init__.py CI and pip deployment 2 years ago
combine_misfits-v1.2.0.npz tests: testing against v1.2.0 3 years ago
common.py CI and pip deployment 2 years ago
test_clustering.py unit tests 3 years ago
test_commands.py unit tests 3 years ago
test_examples.py grond harvest: allow exporting of target results with --export-fits=... 2 years ago
test_locate.py locating with picks: fix weighting issue 10 months ago
test_optimiser.py flake8 2 months ago
test_problem.py test_problem: fixing covariance testing 3 years ago
test_scenario.py grond go and grond report: change default of --threads to 1 3 years ago
test_util.py add fallback for numpy versions lacking nanmedian 4 years ago