22 Commits (e942f917203ac160bee0d76e55074cc97d5c5bb2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  miili e942f91720 satellite: plotting best or mean // improvements 8 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 748afedbaf balancing analyser: automatic qc with fixed magnitude modelling 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann c71ef9fa97 rect source decimation factor: add user warning and change defaults 1 year ago
  asteinbe bf7a4c2b4f rstate for every sampler; rseed in configfile for sampler phases 1 year ago
  miili ced299b9a5 plots: contribution and station distribution 1 year ago
  miili dc18db3b0b problem: added nthreads argument 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 0eb3fbc13a report: configurable plots 1 year ago
  miili 055e8d4b95 squash y:merge 2 years ago
  miili 6e064a71fe Implemented init_bootstrap_residuals 2 years ago
  miili 2f4435b4c7 Implemented init_bootstrap_residuals 2 years ago
  Enrico Baglione 9afcfd13e1 rectangular source: add parameters for gaussian slip distribution 2 years ago
  miili 303dcd4417 pep8 2 years ago
  asteinbe 0f129ab8d3 single point of control for apply weights 2 years ago
  Marius Isken 2083e66727 problems.plot: fixes and cleanup 2 years ago
  Marius Isken 159ff660ba problem.plot: update / renaming 2 years ago
  braunfuss 133c9eeafa typo fix 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 17f32e948a bugfixes 2 years ago
  braunfuss e94603cb48 TargetAnalyserResult with station_noise_weight, combined weight with station_noise_weight 2 years ago
  miili 66d9f17106 grond-cli: added --preserve 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann aca7897949 bugfixes 2 years ago
  miili 7593247f62 RectangularProblem: fixes 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann ccbb734c9c more flexibility in modelling 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 361fab94db cleanup logging and outputs 2 years ago
  miili fe362a6597 Started new listeners 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 0ead9fe57f rewrite/improved optimizer with history container (ProblemData) 3 years ago
  miili 8d6a19e297 grond py3 clean 2 years ago
  miili 5a49ad2759 upd RectangularSource 3 years ago
  miili 63ab17eec4 nbootstrap to HighscoreSolver 3 years ago
  miili b1ccc7de08 super_group -> normalisation_family; group -> path 3 years ago
  miili 38bb032207 refactoring problems 3 years ago
  miili d0337554fb Added RectangularProblem and SatelliteTarget // Refactored file structure 3 years ago
  miili 1dfb64b64a Integrating SatelliteTarget 3 years ago
  miili b55c490ae6 Cleaning up // rebase 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 8e5c89d1ba added double dc source 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 2ffed9405c grond check: allow selection of individual targets 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann e26191bdf7 fix incorrect determination of total number of supergroups 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 511c0533cb allow templating in dataset paths 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5d1cbdbd09 restructuring for better handling of event datasets and synthetic tests 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann a728a04b80 fix error in CMTProblem.forward 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann a413f383d2 implement inter-group weighting 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 419b6b114c fix potential problems with target ordering in evaluate 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 3307de00c7 selective return of traces and spectra in misfit results 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 40bd715d1d refactored misfit calculation, improved fits plots 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 55842e4453 wip 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann d19a774253 continued... 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann aacba13ac7 corrected harvesting, improved plots, hudson plot added 4 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 91397f7ca8 initial version 4 years ago