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  Henriette Sudhaus 6cb3e4570c fix plotting static fits: plotting w/o topography is fixed 2 weeks ago
  miili 67e975e5f4 double_dc: added fuzzy MT plot 3 months ago
  Marius Isken 10466380ff Update 'README.md' 4 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 17c7d6f639 version 1.5.1 4 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 866be1bef1 explicitely request demeaning before fft in instrument devonvolution 4 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5fdedb167b version number 4 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 545c995f75 update changelog 4 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann dcc6eb34a6 flake8 4 months ago
  trichter e0ccff04d0 fix mpl deprecation warning 4 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann e3a34d7e24 examples: fix handling of band code in grondown 5 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann cf46b3eeca update changelog 5 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 61a1842760 grond harvest: allow exporting of target results with --export-fits=... 5 months ago
  Pyrocko Test Debugger fd6e296e19 drone testing: add docker stuff 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 2a10044c88 waveform targets: add depth range to store id selector 5 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 6b77fd3c31 update contributing guide 5 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 1570b54747 report: improve 'template error' message 5 months ago
  miili beb27f4b83 parameter: `optional=True` now is the default 1 year ago
  miili 648e42c0f5 docs: added velocity and optional parameters 1 year ago
  miili 8159d12186 rectangular: adding velocity parameter 1 year ago
  miili 3975a8a5fe problem: adding Parameter optionality 1 year ago
  miili 20c636beb0 RectangularSource: adding velocit param 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 8dc5e6fa73 drone: improved rsync script 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 029eb4db31 setup.py: add install_requires 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 08c10f9a0b update pip install docs 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 4581f611c3 update changelog 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 17ad015b54 version number 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann a40fc53643 grond forward: add --show option to select "filtered" or "processed" 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 47c4f224c7 CI and pip deployment 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 96b5fdbc97 drone testing 6 months ago
  Marius Isken cd7c7b9d30 Update 'CHANGELOG.md' 6 months ago
  Marius Isken 7ef315e04f Update 'README.md' 6 months ago
  Marius Isken 287f69ddf1 Update 'README.md' 6 months ago
  trichter 86ef635ea2 fix init command for dev installations 6 months ago
  miili af75cc2993 satellite_plot: asserting map_limits 6 months ago
  miili 48cd53d14d plots: upd 7 months ago
  miili 30c9fe0959 satellite_plots: finishing up 7 months ago
  miili b559ee2bb1 satellite_plot: cleanup 7 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann f7cf173b66 update authors and changelog 6 months ago
  trichter 721cd93e35 add custom develop command 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann c862699dde update changelog 6 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 96a609fb49 fix problems with unassociated picks given only event but no event marker 6 months ago
  miili c74abda3ca core: added lockfile during inversion // fixes monitor timeout 7 months ago
  Gesa a8ebc2f296 added documentation for gfdb selectors 1 year ago
  Pyrocko Tester ec3ee6f6fe add GF store selector to waveform_phase_ratio target 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 48f4528090 waveform targets: improved docs and error handling for store-id selectors 1 year ago
  Gesa 9b2ae50d93 GF store selectors for crust2 or station dict 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann b7b194537d grondown: fix bug with uninitialized event 8 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 25736f44ca update changelog 7 months ago
  miili 47993eed13 dataset: fixing kite load 9 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 227fa6421a report: fix issues with displaying results of DoubleDCProblem 11 months ago