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Sebastian Heimann 2 years ago
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@ -53,9 +53,14 @@ Changelog](
### Branching policy
* The `master` branch should point to a stable, tagged version of Grond.
* The `dev` branch is used to aggregate new features before releasing.
* Use topic branches to develop new features.
* Open a pull request and use the Gitea-tags `Want Review`, `Need Revision`, to
signal its state.
* When a topic is complete, all tests pass and it is rebased to current master:
merge with `--ff-only` and don't forget to update the changelog.
* The `master` branch should always point to a stable version.
* Extra CI pipelines are run on branches named `release`, `candidate`,
`pip-wheels`, `deploy-docs`, and `hptime`. See also release protocol.
### Rebase small changes before pushing
@ -85,8 +90,8 @@ git checkout feature
git fetch origin
git rebase origin/master
git checkout master
git merge origin/master
git merge feature # should now be fast forward...
git merge origin/master --ff-only
git merge feature --ff-only
git push origin master
@ -115,7 +120,9 @@ Additionally,
- Progress actions should end with `...`, e.g. `Generating report's archive...`
- e.g. `raise ProblemDataNotAvailable('No problem data available (%s).' % dirname)`
- in-text names must be quoted; not needed after colons
* docstrings: TODO
* docstrings:
- Docs are built with Sphinx, use rst syntax.
- Follow the usual convention 1 line summary, blank line, description.
## Documentation