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hyposat: use gfortran
5 years ago
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This snuffling is a wrapper to the HYPOSAT localization program by Johannes Schweitzer. Before using this snuffling, download the source codes from the NORSAR ftp server:

Follow the installation instructions as described in the manual hyposat_man.pdf in Chapter 2. If you are using a linux derivative such as Debian or Ubuntu, you most likely want to download one of the compressed hyposat_l.XXX files (where "l" stands for linux).


In the Makefile the first non-commented line by default sets G77 to use as Fortran compiler. You might want to change this to gfortran or f77 on more recent Debian/Ubuntu versions.

One Final Hint

HYPOSAT is capable of using more than just P or S phases. To exploit that you can change/extend the phase_key_mapping in your snuffler's configuration file located at ~/.pyrocko/


Schweitzer, J. (1997): HYPOSAT - a new routine to locate seismic events, NORSAR Scientific Report 1-97/98, 94-102, NORSAR, Kjeller, Norway, November 1997.