A probabilistic earthquake source inversion framework. Designed and crafted in Mordor. https://pyrocko.org/grond
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.. role:: bash(code)
:language: bash
This is a type-along introductory example to get your feet wet in operating
We will estimate a centroid moment tensor (CMT) solution given a set of
simulated regional full waveform seismic records. Such synthetic tests are
useful e.g. for resolution analysis.
A synthetic test
With the following few commands, we will let Grond
* forward model a fully synthetic scenario of regional seismic waveforms.
* setup a processing environment (project folder).
* perform a probabilistic optimisation to retrieve a CMT solution for the scenario event.
* visualise the results and various details about the optimisation.
**Online help**
.. code-block :: sh
grond --help # get list of available subcommands
grond scenario --help # all subcommands come with built-in help
**Forward-model a random scenario and create project folder**
.. code-block :: sh
grond scenario --targets=waveforms my_first_project
*Note: precomputed Green's functions (GF) needed to run this example will be
downloaded from the internet.*
**Check the data setup and configuration**
.. code-block :: sh
cd my_first_project
grond check config/scenario.gronf
**Start the optimisation**
.. code-block :: sh
grond go config/scenario.gronf
**Plot the results in a report**
.. code-block :: sh
grond report runs/cmt_scenario_ev001.grun
**Open the report in your web browser**
.. code-block :: sh
grond report -so
`See the generated report online. <https://pyrocko.org/grond/reports/quickstart>`_
Next steps
Read the :doc:`overview section <../overview/index>` to see how to set up a
project folder with your own data or take a tour through our
:doc:`example projects <../examples/index>`.