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@ -6,15 +6,18 @@ The search ranges and inversion conditions can be configured flexibly. So far de
These problems are:
* ``CMTProblem``
* :ref:`cmt`
A problem that solves for a centroid moment tensor point source (derived from Pyrocko's ``CMTSource``). This problem fits the very general earthquake source analysis based on far-field seismic waveforms.
* ``DoubleDCProblem``
* :ref:`double_dc`
A problem that solves for two double-couple point sources (derived from ``DoubleDCSource``). This problem can be used to solve for somewhat complex, *segmented earthquake sources* to better fit far-field seismic data.
* ``RectangularProblem``
* :ref:`rectangular`
A problem that solves for a rectangular finite source (derived from Pyrocko's ``RectangularSource``). This problem fits well to large earthquakes and/or problems for which near-field surface displacement data (InSAR, GNSS, etc.) are available.
* :ref:`volume_point`
A problem that solves for a spherical volume point (infinite) to model magmatic or volcanic processes. Only static targets (GNSS or InSAR) are supported.
To define and configure a problem the part called ``problem_config`` in the configuration is set up.
@ -55,6 +58,8 @@ problem configurations:
An example for the configuration of a rectangular fault problem is given here:
.. _cmt:
``CMTProblem`` configuration
@ -117,7 +122,7 @@ particularly for the ``CMTProblem``.
is the duration of the source time function in seconds.
.. _double_dc:
``DoubleDCProblem`` configuration
@ -186,6 +191,8 @@ particularly for the ``DoubleDCProblem``.
are the durations of the first and second source's source time functions, respectively, in seconds.
.. _rectangular:
``RectangularProblem`` configuration
@ -248,6 +255,8 @@ For the source parameter configuration, please note that the last three paramete
relative along-dip position of the rupture nucleation point on the fault to the centre location. This parameter may range from -1 to 1. With 0 being in the centre, -1 being at the top fault edge, 1 at the bottom fault edge, and 0.5 is half-way between centroid and bottom fault edge.
.. _volume_point:
``VolumePointProblem`` configuration