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- Waveform targets: switch to change to acceleration / velocity fitting.
- Waveform targets: include / exclude stations by pattern on target-group
- Option to export list of stations used in one or more setups
(`grond check --save-stations-used=<filename>`)
- Option to export list of stations used in one or more setups (`grond check
- Can now handle GNSS stations lacking complete set of component orientations.
- Noise analyser: added possibility to except stations with high S/N ratio from
removal due to high pre-event noise.
- Improved unit tests.
- Report archive generation can now be skipped via command line flag or report
configuration setting.
- CMT problem: can now switch between different source time functions.
- Added workaround switch for `"cannot project traces with displaced sampling"`
### Changed
- Transparent event loading and checking.
- Noise analyser: target groups are now handled independently. Each group now
uses its own threshold in weeding mode.
- Improved error handling (`grond check`, instrument responses,
- Only exclude waveform targets when `distance_min` constraint is given in
- Improved method chapter in documentation.
### Fixed
- Waveform fit plots: fix crashes while plotting results from joint inversions.
- Satellite fit plots: fix bug in source outline drawing
- Waveform targets: fixed handling of channel epochs from StationXML for
channel orientations.
- Station plots: fixed problems with empty target groups.
- No more MPL warnings 'too many open figures' when creating sequence plots;
the plots are now created one by one.
- Report: fix dsiplay issue with inaccessible elements in left navigation.
- Fixed crash when `starting_point` setting in highscore optimiser is set to
## [1.1.1] 2019-02-05