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Sebastian Heimann e017ebd554 deployment: rework anaconda package building 4 years ago
Sebastian Heimann 6bc2528d3b testing: group tests into base, gf, examples, gui 4 years ago
Pyrocko Tester 22a2e55cba pip deploy cleanup 4 years ago
miili 34a7b01f70 docs upd 6 years ago
miili a6d05463db PIP: upd deployment 6 years ago
miili 7266873dbc Anaconda deployment Linux/Mac/Win 6 years ago
miili 791c7079b9 .gitignore Vagrant // requirements.txt upd 6 years ago
miili dbb562d6d0 Updated doc routines 6 years ago
Sebastian Heimann dbfd755053 ignore some more files 6 years ago
miili ef9a94df66 test_examples fixed 6 years ago
miili 39af10cd6e adapting nose tests // testing get_shear_moduli 6 years ago
miili 8fa1ff41a9 example tests w relative imports 6 years ago
miili c7b3c3b55d docs upd 6 years ago
miili 932ff7804a util.download mv to shutil // upd travis 6 years ago
miili 2597235eff .gitignore: Added __pycache__ to 6 years ago
miili 2c07c03879 added .coverage 6 years ago
miili 67c3e4ccb7 .gitignore extended 6 years ago
miili d859ac2dcb Added .pypirc 6 years ago
miili f88b525d59 Added htmlcov reports 6 years ago
miili 057194a4de Adding sublime workspaces 7 years ago
Sebastian Heimann 028d093683 updated .gitignore file 8 years ago
Sebastian Heimann 18a3747c57 renamed 'pyrocko' subdir to 'src' 9 years ago
Sebastian Heimann 98f0962957 let git ignore pyrocko/tags 12 years ago
Sebastian Heimann ea4ccf8303 added maintenance script to sync doc web pages 12 years ago
Sebastian Heimann f6403b4eba a module pyrocko.info containing version information is now created when
setup.py is run.
12 years ago
Sebastian Heimann 1b68931421 working on acquisition stuff 13 years ago
Sebastian Heimann c9f90a7889 ignore sphinx _build dir 13 years ago
Sebastian Heimann 5035830e06 make git ignore some files 14 years ago