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gesap 321ee6be58 all clustering plots handling events without magnitudes (markersize) 3 days ago
gesap 899cbe9c3a enable exporting aligned and stacked waveforms of clusters without filtering if wanted 4 days ago
gesap 5eb0a4861b small fix towards grond if no data found 4 days ago
gesap c95d1f8cec new version number 4 days ago
gesap 9ded239b7d enable st blocklist with and without network code 4 days ago
gesap ec5fccf8ca upd readme 4 days ago
gesap 801ca96a8f added clusty cc to hypoDD input helper function 4 days ago
gesap 57e4ed2506 fix wf plot for case of single cluster 4 days ago
gesap 86d409a5dd fix bug export stacked and sligned waveforms, was broken in case of missing traces 2 weeks ago
gesap 86a2e83bec fixed check for minpts - string int error 2 weeks ago
gesap 264bd8cf40 added plot format option in config file (pdf or png) 2 weeks ago
gesap 68e292196a fixed eps analysis for multiple minpts values and added plot format option in config file (pdf or png) 2 weeks ago
gesap 5d719fd41e netsim matrix can be used again 2 weeks ago
gesap 651c680edb fixed title of cartopy map 2 weeks ago
Peter Niemz 5ed1e16836 waveform plot parameter choice bugfix 4 months ago
blubblub 4e7982ec4b cluster config checks for optics 4 months ago
Peter Niemz 09bd032c01 error handling for invalid argument in config file 4 months ago
Peter Niemz f3aec4d6ef Import error compatibility python<3.6 and >=3.6 4 months ago
Peter Niemz 05e67b6880 fix logger again 4 months ago
Peter Niemz aa5b83a34d scikit dependendency to final minor version 0.21.3 4 months ago
blubblub d101186f69 specify version of dependency sckit-learn 4 months ago
peter 6d2069f0e1 Merge pull request 'Implementation of optics clustering' (#38) from optics_new into main 4 months ago
blubblub 499923d29a implement optics clustering 4 months ago
blubblub 3d74dd9b35 consider optics in config checks 4 months ago
blubblub 816f07f295 add OPTICS params in config 4 months ago
blubblub 7c6fc442cb improve pick logger info 4 months ago
blubblub 5e502be1fe cartopy loading moved to catch warning 4 months ago
blubblub 6351dd1bee always show progress when loading wf for wf plot 4 months ago
blubblub c577a8c1f0 logger info for dbscan clustering 4 months ago
blubblub 7a2799b750 logger name fix 4 months ago
blubblub 829b729fb1 use logging in util_clutsy 4 months ago
blubblub 3c49c6b73f bugfix cluster timing step plot 4 months ago
blubblub 08667f94a8 bugfix: handling of optional wf_plot_stats parameter 4 months ago
blubblub 1c25c1ddad Print catalog statistics (n_ev,n_MT, etc.) for local and regional cartopy plots 4 months ago
blubblub 5ea052b71e bugfix eps list check 4 months ago
blubblub 86cb1e8de5 print event index in DEBUG mode of cc_calc 4 months ago
blubblub 6793e29d4d make fruchtermann plot optional, changed in doc 5 months ago
blubblub c9b4182024 darker default grey 5 months ago
blubblub 5df3d67b73 cluster timing plot: adjust figure size inl. font and markers 5 months ago
blubblub d70245b2c4 allow all MT cluster result plot (cartopy) 5 months ago
blubblub 90a70acb94 multi-column cluster legend in cartopy plots 5 months ago
blubblub d87da43925 tt calc with st.elevation/depth in homogen and layered model 5 months ago
blubblub 7f7d4b1f6c do not calc arrivals when picks are given 5 months ago
blubblub b7e7424e1a Improve error message for arrival calc 5 months ago
blubblub c979da640d tidy up usage of cc_cnf.phase[i_ph] and phases[i_ph] 5 months ago
blubblub 490caae9a3 specific error handling in catalog loading 5 months ago
blubblub 1cfb0b8af2 cartopy FocMec projection to GMT standard lambert 5 months ago
blubblub f081856b06 magnitude scaling in cluster timing plot 5 months ago
blubblub 1313ffbf89 carto/gmt: two legend columns if >20 clusters 5 months ago
blubblub 8f4f5b754f cartopy black outline for clustered MT solutions 5 months ago