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gesap bc8b010e91 typo 3 days ago
gesap de84663ce4 license and warrenty 3 days ago
blubblub 4b81038b33 config check waveform dir only when using --run or --cc 3 days ago
blubblub 067705e02e wf_plot optional, error logging adjusted 4 days ago
gesap d259e81a93 map_plotlib statt plotlib, small fixes 1 week ago
gesap ccb28a0990 Merge pull request 'clusty_goes_cartopy' (#32) from clusty_goes_cartopy into main 1 week ago
gesap 99e0805156 enable multiple wf plots for different minpts-eps at same time 1 week ago
gesap 418de65c79 filtertmax after arr in help text in config 1 week ago
gesap 5916dd67f2 export traces and wf snuffle E, N issue fixed 1 week ago
gesap 356f8f2e89 Merge pull request 'bugfixing' (#31) from bugfixing into main 1 week ago
peter fbfed292c5 Merge pull request 'bugfix: EN waveform plots contained Z comp' (#30) from fix_waveform_plot into main 1 week ago
blubblub ce87f22159 bugfix: EN waveform plots contained Z comp 1 week ago
blubblub 3242a44d17 No stations error logging: Adding hints for solution 1 week ago
blubblub 725c43a1af account for overlapping traces in pile, now chose longest 2 weeks ago
blubblub f3861b9a36 filtertmin window bugfix 2 weeks ago
blubblub f98eeff0d5 high precision time output in debug levele of logger 2 weeks ago
blubblub 370615fb6a bugfix for events without magnitude 2 weeks ago
blubblub a810e91fb9 cartopy maps for plot_results, introducing local maps 2 weeks ago
blubblub b1b52954e0 clean, cluster timing plot: skip every second yticklabel for more then 10 clusters 2 weeks ago
blubblub ec1cabeea9 mag_scaling ready for different plotlibs 3 weeks ago
blubblub 34a65f51b0 info output for event number entering into clustering stage 3 weeks ago
blubblub 1132516471 add header to info output before combining components 3 weeks ago
blubblub cfe9c594b4 improve info print layout 3 weeks ago
blubblub db39377c86 fix cmap registration warning 3 weeks ago
blubbblub 9b7d25bd74 error handling for non-yaml station file in local coordinates 1 month ago
blubbblub 4a08b20391 remove last work_dir=. default in single functions 1 month ago
blubbblub 8f6d070260 define all distances in meters 1 month ago
blubbblub fb0adc05d3 correct net(s)sim naming convention 1 month ago
blubbblub 9c1552444c delete junk file 1 month ago
blubbblub f469a7b55a Merge branch 'main' of https://git.pyrocko.org/clusty/clusty into main_dev_merge 2 months ago
gesape 7bec3d4569 warnings for components and phase names 2 months ago
blubbblub 00e6b1e5c4 fix debug plotting when no arrival time is available 3 months ago
blubbblub b413307639 bug fix in calling check_distance 3 months ago
blubbblub b498b9f6d2 cluster choice in waveform plots 3 months ago
blubbblub cd93e73073 implement euclidean coordinate system in dist calc 3 months ago
blubbblub 51089b619e fix another bug for empty sequence in cc weighting calc 3 months ago
blubbblub 51a466cd3e improve debuging in trace preparation 3 months ago
blubbblub 855226ba1a fix bug for empty sequence in cc weighting calc 3 months ago
blubbblub 2a81ac9b6f improve README readability 3 months ago
blubbblub c11c9d7c73 adding missing twd parameter to README 5 months ago
gesape 83ee5c7c2a readme update 6 months ago
gesape a0a5b15ef5 fix log magnitude scaling options - automated and manual 6 months ago
gesape b80793aff6 check for magnitude scaling of markers on plots 6 months ago
gesape 09997e07af fix catalog and plot pathes with os join 6 months ago
gesape aff603d2f4 enable work_dir instead of ./ 7 months ago
gesape 0eebdf888d verbosity export wavfeforms 7 months ago
gesape a547606566 improved export stacked and aligned traces and grond preparation 7 months ago
gesape 9c89ba14a0 fix bug snr evname stname 7 months ago
gesap f5daae818a Merge pull request 'config_checks' (#24) from config_checks into main 7 months ago
gesape 9ed92e08fe emergency fix weighted sum netsi method 7 months ago