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  gesape 9251302a45 debugged xml picks 1 day ago
  blubbblub 0cb33216b5 reorganize freq_merge output 3 weeks ago
  blubbblub ec78bea76f use pathes from main config, not single run configs while merging freq_results 3 weeks ago
  blubbblub f565105a98 auto/manual mag scaling clean 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub 34a126ed73 fully auto mag_scale option 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub c0be8fa095 docstring correct in merge_freq_results 4 weeks ago
  gesape fb9f27b38c scale mag scale of plot wrt max magnitude, not yet min mag 4 weeks ago
  gesape 2b41017e72 added optional radius adjustment for map to avoid outliers 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub 53911a5ae3 README phase list description improved 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub b5a083ec77 add magnitude scaling in legend of merged_freq map plot 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub 68b286f6b3 update README mag_scale_log 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub ee91dacd09 config file description update 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub e9b15fa94f remove loading plotly library express 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub d8d75b1a03 pick_dir bugfix while loading picks 4 weeks ago
  peter 2367d16043 Merge pull request 'Final aspo_dev feature merge' (#6) from aspo_dev into main 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub 2e5adce111 mag_min, fdigit conflicts 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub 0df0c1496c error logging for trace cutting 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub ce30ed28be set all events without magnitude to mag_minimum/2 4 weeks ago
  blubbblub 71173f49c3 load markers with microsecond precision 4 weeks ago
  gesape a3752c4ec7 zeilenumbrueche readme 1 month ago
  gesape f3ae82b584 upd readme 1 month ago
  gesape eea6a9eccc debug plots for aspo usage 1 month ago
  gesape f785183bb2 fix picks and cc filter times 1 month ago
  gesape 9dd680f21c filter twd and tbuffer optional to config file 1 month ago
  gesape 65114d907f mag_scale for map plot optional to config file 1 month ago
  gesape 067498927c fix and or in S phase debug mode 1 month ago
  gesap d9eeb115d6 Merge pull request 'pile_all' (#3) from pile_all into main 1 month ago
  gesape 7ebc643391 fixed wf plot pile 1 month ago
  gesape d86b4af955 eol 1 month ago
  gesape 320e7937fd tabs and spaces 1 month ago
  gesape e720ccc08b typo 1 month ago
  gesape a7ed8dd869 tidy up clusty.py 1 month ago
  gesape 3aed7c61d4 tidy up clustering.py 1 month ago
  gesape 975c0cd3e2 tidy up cc.py from pile_all 1 month ago
  blubbblub df6ae8d0d0 reject picks without phasename 1 month ago
  blubbblub 99902a7423 wip 1 month ago
  blubbblub bea3d45721 add channel type wild card 4 months ago
  blubbblub c480d69ac8 error handling in waveform stack snuffle 4 months ago
  blubbblub b14e15582d snuffle stacked waveforms of clusters 4 months ago
  blubbblub fa688e2d1a pyrocko pick format compat 4 months ago
  blubbblub d5bd28b8b9 fix get_sim_matrix() for error handeling within snr_comp function 4 months ago
  blubbblub 37401b509d snr calculation for short waveforms with warning 4 months ago
  blubbblub 7af5e78387 higher precisiion string for eps output filename 4 months ago
  blubbblub 298f3361e5 adjust mean_cc vs. mean_ccs naming 4 months ago
  gesap 53c6927597 Update 'README.md' 4 months ago
  peter b0efde7e93 Upload event catalog for publication 4 months ago
  Gesa 8a9884b6ce fixed arrivals from xml picks 7 months ago
  Gesa 00a11ce94b exit if precalculated array dimensions do not fit number of stations 7 months ago
  Gesa f3aa00c217 fixed xml picks, P and S needed 7 months ago
  Gesa f45d6c0302 station selector **kwargs instead of *kwargs 7 months ago