PSGRN/PSCMP backend for Pyrocko's Green's function manager Fomosto: Code to calculate synthetic stress/strain/tilt/gravitational fields on a layered viscoelastic halfspace.
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Announcement: The fomosto-psgrn-pscmp repository is leaving GitHub

Potsdam, 2019-08-05

Since last week, GitHub is restricting access to their services based on user nationality and residence (see also). Such restrictions are incompatible with scientific standards in international research communities like seismology.

The fomosto-psgrn-pscmp software package is used by researchers worldwide. As researchers, we are obligated to retain open access to all. To achieve this, we are now migrating our code repositories away from GitHub to a new safe home. The new home of the fomosto-psgrn-pscmp repository is at, open now.

To ensure a smooth transition, we will keep a read-only version of the fomosto-psgrn-pscmp repository at GitHub until 2019-10-01, when it will be deleted.

To update the upstream url of a cloned fomosto-psgrn-pscmp repository, run

git remote set-url origin

in the cloned directory.

To obtain a fresh clone, run

git clone fomosto-psgrn-pscmp

Thanks to the worldwide seismology community for all the support and help.

Best regards

The fomosto-psgrn-pscmp Developers