5 Commits (d040573a1f27d34782ee54a7c6df48608030ab24)

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  Sebastian Heimann d040573a1f tests: fix examples test runner 9 months ago
  miili 1a453ccde8 test: fixing example test 9 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann c9e32c3a9e testing: change location of example run dir 11 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5e94525d7c testing: skip examples on httperror 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 6bc2528d3b testing: group tests into base, gf, examples, gui 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann a30ab41659 tests: fix monkeypatching problems 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 97bf271843 testing: attempt to fix problems with monkey-patching pyplot.show 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann b7510ca8b5 testing: attempt to fix problems with monkey-patching pyplot.show 1 year ago
  Pyrocko Tester bd0e6766b1 testing: skip examples requiring GMT when GMT not available 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 90ae0b97a1 tests: avoid some warnings and code cleanup 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 2c37adea40 tests: cleanly skip examples when we cannot download topo data 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann e2a0208837 tests: fix a side issue 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5a2af90187 test examples: allow skipping of examples with unavailable 3rd party imports 2 years ago
  miili 68214222b9 up text_examples 3 years ago
  miili f004da38b4 fix traceback 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann ea60a48c6f fix some imports 3 years ago
  miili d41c52aaeb example_stationxml fixed // gf.server wip 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann c0f80a73f3 example tests: skip tests gracefully when external programs are missing 3 years ago
  miili b3c2b183dd renames response_plot / plot.__ini__ / gse2 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 90417d0cb9 tests: future imports on all test modules 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann b62b5151b1 fix recursive download and get further tests working 3 years ago
  miili ef9a94df66 test_examples fixed 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 62deeb1305 tests: make things work nicely with nose 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 98bec05e35 tests: smooth things for nose 3 years ago
  miili 39af10cd6e adapting nose tests // testing get_shear_moduli 3 years ago
  miili 16ce5eede4 nosetest adapt test_examples // fixed util._download 3 years ago
  miili 73def7d28b test_example monkeypatch fix // flake8 3 years ago
  miili 3428d5ddcd test_example py3 // test_gf_ws 3 years ago
  miili 143b062347 tests examples // work on util._download 3 years ago
  miili 8fa1ff41a9 example tests w relative imports 3 years ago
  miili 9ff9813284 New Reference Structure // Tutorials -> Examples 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann b3dc40d84d harmonize test case naming 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 1daafd40c7 tests: improved tutorial test runner 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 67e90c47d7 tests: use matplotlib.pyplot.switch_backend rather than matplotlib.use 3 years ago
  Marius Kriegerowski 21de2e246b test_tutorials improved 3 years ago
  Marius Kriegerowski 7e9ddb51eb test_tutorials extended 3 years ago
  Marius Kriegerowski 62bfac539f update cleanup list 3 years ago
  Marius Kriegerowski f733a67d5f wip: test_tutorials 3 years ago