24 Commits (9d9de256c17d4c6c5ea4a99160d13fbc3140f241)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sebastian Heimann 9d9de256c1 event: revert accidental modification 9 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann d1fe23d8a0 event: prettier yaml dump of event objects 9 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann a6b49f38a4 remove dependency on future 11 months ago
  Sebastian Heimann fb98f74e0b model.Event: renamed extra -> extras 1 year ago
  Gesa d55dab2394 fixed filename=None in dump_events 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 3e99a5728c model.Event: add attribute `extra` for dict of user defined attributes 1 year ago
  Gesa 9651524647 model.event.Event extra attribute (dict) 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann b8d87d5221 fix loading of events from basic event files including cartesian offsets 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann b6e2b13ba4 improve Cartesian offset support in event and station objects 1 year ago
  Pyrocko Tester 4b12a59c21 revert accidental changes from 3e0cc885b0 1 year ago
  Mi! 3e0cc885b0 Dev clvdvol (#352) 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 0cd732dc03 geofon catalog: web page format changed - parse geojson instead of html 1 year ago
  Sebastian Heimann 4ebdb76fd2 event: optional event depth 1 year ago
  Marius Kriegerowski 7174c1248f model.event: replace None names with empty str 2 years ago
  Marius Kriegerowski 2e6fa4620b model.event: reduce float precision on hashing 2 years ago
  Mi! fc3c923da0
Event inheriting from Location (#340) 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 5f8544a964 event: add tags attribute 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 27a1ffff6b model.load_one_event: raise exception when not one event in file 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 65e7d7e641 event: allow unicode in region on python2 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann b133c2d5c4 model.load_events: accept also yaml files 3 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann cf0e85bb3b snuffler, markers: improved event hashing 3 years ago
  miili b5ff9f3e11 flake8: Code pep8 conform 3 years ago
  miili a2b915ff12 topo -> datasets // automap, cake_plot -> plot 3 years ago
  miili 2099b8ec96 models -> model // plots -> plot 3 years ago
  miili de23cb6498 flake8 // orthodrome fix test 3 years ago
  Marius Kriegerowski 12f95584ff refactor quakeml, doc strings, flake8 3 years ago
  Marius Kriegerowski a98a986cff refactor: model.py -> models submodule 3 years ago