A probabilistic earthquake source inversion framework. Designed and crafted in Mordor.
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miili a987740c10 satellite: plot removing aspect keyword 1 year ago
analysers balancing analyser: automatic qc with fixed magnitude modelling 1 year ago
apps app: init throws meaningful errors 1 year ago
clustering clustering: add ncluster_limit parameter 2 years ago
data ridgecrest example: update config 1 year ago
optimisers optimiser: using threads CLI 1 year ago
plot plot: adding SVG format 1 year ago
problems satellite: plotting best or mean // improvements 1 year ago
report grond report: searchable open list 1 year ago
targets satellite: plot removing aspect keyword 1 year ago
__init__.py add symbols from grond.environment to default namespace 2 years ago
config.py unit tests 2 years ago
core.py grond export: skip incomplete rundirs with warning 1 year ago
dataset.py improved log messages 1 year ago
environment.py grond forward: use environment 1 year ago
info.py improved version number management 2 years ago
meta.py grond export: allow selection by parameters best, mean, std, ... 1 year ago
monitor.py monitor: thread is not a daemon 1 year ago
qc.py dataset: modified return of get_waveform with debug=True 2 years ago
run_info.py adapting log and exception convention 2 years ago
scenario.py testing: changed gf store management for scenario test 2 years ago
stats.py add file missing in previous commit 2 years ago
synthetic_tests.py Merge branch 'master' into amp-ratio 2 years ago
toy.py flake8 1 year ago
upgrade.py merge 2 years ago
version.py improved version number management 2 years ago