47 Commits (a987740c10800e0e6d3a76e1e5940d47a03c5fd7)

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  miili a987740c10 satellite: plot removing aspect keyword 1 year ago
  miili e942f91720 satellite: plotting best or mean // improvements 1 year ago
  miili 7c640cd25a satellite.plot: adapting closeup plot 1 year ago
  miili 7905f6061d satellite.plot: bugfix plot degree 1 year ago
  miili bed39fbaf9 bugfix: plots using harvest 1 year ago
  miili c66fd062a0 wip: CLVDVolume 2 years ago
  miili a02245a298 history basic stats support // removed setup_modelling 1 year ago
  miili e9fde42b63 covar: added all sqrtm to weights 2 years ago
  miili fd1beb0194 integrating covariances 2 years ago
  miili 923618de0b wip: CLVDVolume 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 9025e324ea satellite plot: fix a corner case 2 years ago
  miili a81175c4a0 satellite.plot: bugfix plotting source outline 2 years ago
  miili c6d7d61d4f satellite.plot: bugfix plot 2 years ago
  miili 87a1d9ca1e satellite.plot: geographical aspect ratio for LatLon plots 2 years ago
  miili b338f2aed5 satellite.plot: bugfixes for point src plotting 2 years ago
  miili 4b02b7f933 report: templating plot titles and figure captions 2 years ago
  miili 5028d9f93b `grond plot list` fixed doc strings 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 9b36fbccf3 reformat plot descriptions, flake8 2 years ago
  Henriette Sudhaus 031a123f1a grond reports/plots: added full figure descriptions 2 years ago
  miili c69cc09da9 insar.plot: matplotlib compat 2 years ago
  miili 5886f7fe0c plots: update gnss and satellite 2 years ago
  miili 85c150fbdb plots: work on insar plots 2 years ago
  miili 36b47d1a12 plots-satellite: added new plot group focusing on fault 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 2b96e1090d grond report: fix Python 2 issues 2 years ago
  miili fabd2d49b9 docs: wip report 2 years ago
  miili d8257cd33f satellite plots improvements 2 years ago
  miili 055e8d4b95 squash y:merge 2 years ago
  miili 03774f6968 insar plot fixes 2 years ago
  miili da730fe282 wip 2 years ago
  Henriette Sudhaus 0c1b517f25 docs: add docs files and helps for analysers 2 years ago
  Marius Isken 92e649cbea report: bootstrap update // navigation // layout 2 years ago
  Marius Isken b7ada888a7 satellite_target: plots cmap fixed 2 years ago
  Marius Isken 955e0f2f1c gnss_target bugfix // satellite_target.plot roundup and clean 2 years ago
  Marius Isken 75c8aeac55 satellite_target.plot: bugfix 2 years ago
  Marius Isken 1429550751 satellite.plot: upd 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 17f32e948a bugfixes 2 years ago
  Marius Isken 58d9d9aa35 gnss.plot: bugfixes 2 years ago
  miili f9bc59db6f gnss: added plotting 2 years ago
  miili 106c14bc98 refactored optimizer -> optimiser 2 years ago
  miili a4b42d8dbb refactor get_plots -> get_plot_classes 2 years ago
  miili 8c705534c6 various fixes 2 years ago
  miili d40ff5f53f Plots: adding guts prefix 2 years ago
  miili f7ae4e012c plots: fixes satellite and improvements grond cli 2 years ago
  miili c69f0e4206 static plots: renaming and plot sketches 2 years ago
  miili 7ae2157719 satellite_target: added plot delegate 2 years ago
  miili ecd1d12a13 Removed plot/plotter.py 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann 6370cfd2c7 wip... 2 years ago
  miili 3cf7afafd6 SatTarget: Yielding figs 2 years ago
  Sebastian Heimann f30b727ed4 refactor plotting (incomplete) 2 years ago