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import os
import sys
import getpass
import platform
from palantiri.common import Basic
from palantiri.common import Logfile
from palantiri.common import ConfigFile
isClient = False
isDebug= False
ConfigDict = None # Configuration file as dictionary
ProtFileDir = None # directory for protocol files
EVENTS = 'events'
_eventDir = None
_eventDir_emp = None
def setEventDir(s):
global _eventDir
_eventDir = s
return s
def setEventDir_emp(s):
global _eventDir_emp
_eventDir_emp = s
return s
def EventDir(): # event directory
global _eventDir
s = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), EVENTS)
n = len(sys.argv)
eventDir = os.path.join(s, sys.argv[2])
return eventDir
def EventDir_emp(): # event directory
global _eventDir_emp
s = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), EVENTS)
n = len(sys.argv)
_eventDir_emp = os.path.join(s, sys.argv[3])
except IndexError:
_eventDir_emp = None
return _eventDir_emp
def TempFileName(name):
assert ProtFileDir != None
return os.path.join(ProtFileDir,name)
def KeyfileFolder():
return os.path.join(EventDir(), ConfigDict ['keyfilefolder'])
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
def _error(text):
print('\nError: ' + text + '\n')
def checkNrOfParameter(nMin, nMax):
if len(sys.argv) < nMin: _error('event name missing')
if len(sys.argv) > nMax: _error('Too many parameters')
def checkEventDirParameter(param):
s1 = os.path.basename(param)
dir = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), EVENTS, s1)
return os.path.isdir(dir)
def init(configFileName = None):
global EventDir, ProtFileDir, ConfigDict, isDebug
ProtFileDir = os.path.join(EventDir(), 'tmp1')
if True: # not isClient:
ConfigDict = ConfigFile.readGlobalConf(configFileName)
if ConfigDict == None: return False
key = 'DEBUG_FLAG'
if not isClient:
if isDebug: Logfile.add('Debugging is on')
return True