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# - GPLv3
# The Pyrocko Developers, 21st Century
# ---|P------/S----------~Lg----------
import os
import platform
import matplotlib
from pyrocko import config
# Needed by MacOS Big Sur
if platform.uname()[0] == 'Darwin':
os.environ['QT_MAC_WANTS_LAYER'] = '1'
gui_toolkit = config.effective_gui_toolkit()
qt5_backend_available = 'Qt5Agg' in matplotlib.rcsetup.all_backends
if gui_toolkit == 'auto':
if qt5_backend_available:
import PyQt5
use_pyqt5 = True
use_pyqt5 = False
except ImportError:
use_pyqt5 = False
elif gui_toolkit == 'qt4':
use_pyqt5 = False
use_pyqt5 = True
if not qt5_backend_available:
raise Exception(
'Qt5 was forced but matplotlib Qt5Agg backend is not availble')
if use_pyqt5:
if matplotlib.get_backend().find('Qt4') != -1: # noqa
import PyQt5 as PyQt
from PyQt5 import Qt
from PyQt5 import QtCore as qc
from PyQt5 import QtGui as qg
from PyQt5 import QtWidgets as qw
from PyQt5 import QtNetwork as qn
from PyQt5 import QtOpenGL as qgl
from PyQt5 import QtSvg as qsvg
from PyQt5 import QtPrintSupport as qprint
QSortFilterProxyModel = qc.QSortFilterProxyModel
QItemSelectionModel = qc.QItemSelectionModel
QItemSelection = qc.QItemSelection
def getSaveFileName(*args, **kwargs):
return qw.QFileDialog.getSaveFileName(*args, **kwargs)[0]
class QPixmapCache(qg.QPixmapCache):
def cached(self, key):
return self.find(key)
if matplotlib.get_backend().find('Qt5') != -1: # noqa
import PyQt4 as PyQt
from PyQt4 import Qt
from PyQt4 import QtCore as qc
from PyQt4 import QtGui as qg
qw = qg
from PyQt4 import QtNetwork as qn
from PyQt4 import QtOpenGL as qgl
from PyQt4 import QtSvg as qsvg
qprint = qg
QSortFilterProxyModel = qg.QSortFilterProxyModel
QItemSelectionModel = qg.QItemSelectionModel
QItemSelection = qg.QItemSelection
getSaveFileName = qw.QFileDialog.getSaveFileName
class QPixmapCache(qg.QPixmapCache):
def cached(self, key):
pixmap = qg.QPixmap()
found = self.find(key, pixmap)
if found:
return pixmap
return found
vers = qc.QVersionNumber.fromString
except AttributeError:
def vers(s):
return tuple(s.split('.'))
# Application attribute has to be set for QWebView
if vers(Qt.QT_VERSION_STR) >= vers('5.4.0'):
Qt.QCoreApplication.setAttribute(qc.Qt.AA_ShareOpenGLContexts, True)