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wip windows conda
2 years ago
conda wip windows conda 2 years ago
pip windows support 2 years ago
vagrant vagrant testing: fix port collision 2 years ago added links to Green's mill 5 years ago pip deploy cleanup 3 years ago add snakefood/graphviz deps graph recipe 6 years ago restructured docs 6 years ago maintenance: update deploy mechanism for docs 3 years ago drone: improve hive notifications 3 years ago high precision time handling 2 years ago maintenance: improved matterpost script 4 years ago
readme-pip.rst pip: update readme 3 years ago windows support 2 years ago Server: removed tkn 5 years ago
server-user_survey.service Added pyrocko survey server 5 years ago added standard earth models and some fixes to cake 11 years ago vagrant testing: add script to destroy/reset all vagrant boxes 5 years ago vagrant testing: improved boxes update script 5 years ago vagrant testing: fix test collecting 3 years ago vagrant tests: improved 5 years ago