97 Commits (b2f8116892e84f613cbeca59e67ce93fe849dcd3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
mmetz b2f8116892 ids: handle ppicks 1 year ago
mmetz d83730ebdb ids bugfix loading curved fault 1 year ago
mmetz 02436d2933 IDS curved: bugfix 1 year ago
mmetz 28679ee85e IDS: curved rupture primary settings, plotting (map) and loading 1 year ago
mmetz 43839ac6ab IDS: new maximum time cutting feature, docs 1 year ago
mmetz 46b46857c7 ids: station weeding bugfix 1 year ago
mmetz 06d9d30ab0 ids: more elegant station weeding 1 year ago
mmetz 54fd6e17b2 IDS: bugfixes time handling 1 year ago
mmetz b1b7f7b639 si.ids: Event duration correction implemented 1 year ago
mmetz 0a231e2e60 si: fully functional source inversion wrapper 1 year ago
mmetz 1a4b9cda5e si: WIP 1 year ago
mmetz d5104ee007 Plotting: Bugfix nice plot simple 1 year ago
mmetz 9bcb45d865 FaultLoading: Updated loader for uniform output format 1 year ago
mmetz d17b0d6e5f scaling: error usage update 1 year ago
mmetz e134289fb1 Scaling: Make covariance matrix usage optional 1 year ago
mmetz 4df9b8dd75 Plot bugfix 1 year ago
mmetz 802363a223 IDS updates in plotting and bugfixes 1 year ago
mmetz 0b500db049 GrondPlotting: New ensemble mapping features WIP 1 year ago
mmetz fe6eb1a5fc IDS fixes: 1 year ago
mmetz 557239895a IDS waveform target: station weeding option 1 year ago
mmetz dc48d91a91 IDS report parallel option 1 year ago
mmetz 4881493bd0 IDS report bugfix, added ids report base file 1 year ago
mmetz 09ec364c07 IDS: new multi run report functionality of ids app/ bugfix 1 year ago
mmetz d352861acd update code to new IDS version, better handling, cleanup WIP 1 year ago
mmetz 7d5cfb994b ids: include absolute energy backpropagation flag 1 year ago
mmetz ed0578e780 ids: update station plot 1 year ago
mmetz 62b9408716 IDS report: update Station plot and waveform result container 1 year ago
mmetz c7a76c1141 IDS wrapping: New report station plot 1 year ago
mmetz f995d74aad ids: WIP 2 years ago
mmetz b33a87d578 faults: added new methods to __all__ 2 years ago
mmetz 68c9d8a2dc ids app: implementation of report (WIP) 2 years ago
mmetz 7ed5cc1363 ids plot traceview: flexible trace channel naming 2 years ago
mmetz 94a64602b1 sources: multiple fixes 2 years ago
mmetz a1bdc2398f noafaults: loading bugfix 2 years ago
mmetz 063448f13c ids display: export to pyrocko sparrow branch geometry 2 years ago
mmetz f98b3fc896 ids plot: matplotlib compat 2. 2 years ago
mmetz 7a424e9777 ids plot: version compat, matplotlib close plots 2 years ago
mmetz 588a07bdeb ids plot: new waveform plot for synthetic-observed waveform comparison 2 years ago
mmetz 7d81c8983d WIP5 2 years ago
mmetz 61be568b79 WIP4 2 years ago
mmetz dc74dcb1ce WIP3 2 years ago
mmetz 9ca99acbdd WIP2 2 years ago
mmetz 9a660b4b70 WIP 2 years ago
mmetz 9e7a5864ce multiple updates: 2 years ago
mmetz 90ad14ae2b multiple update: 2 years ago
mmetz 4460465f3f ids io: new features for curved fault estimation WIP 2 years ago
mmetz 38054e59a2 ids: fixes 2 years ago
mmetz 3eb3bff4bc ids io: bugfix 2 years ago
mmetz 7766db6f93 ids io: bugfix 2 years ago
mmetz 5945e8359b ids io: load gnss data fit file 2 years ago