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Malte Metz 138cbc1727 Merge pull request 'Pip compatibility' (#14) from bugfix/pip_compat into main 13 hours ago
mmetz 9cdbe40075 pip install -e compat: src -> siria, setup.py update 15 hours ago
mmetz 0fb4d176c6 rename ewrica -> siria 4 days ago
mmetz b43498cd72 ids: tweaks and updates 1 week ago
mmetz e8e25a65b0 updates 3 weeks ago
mmetz c774b998ef new version 1 month ago
mmetz 078dbcf0ef ids: waveform target doublet handling 1 month ago
mmetz 34a4616e34 demonstrator: updated default settings 1 month ago
mmetz b44709d3b1 IDS: tweaks 1 month ago
mmetz efc152aea5 ids: update nodalplane handling for consistent order of nodal planes 1 month ago
mmetz 5573c7b26d si demonstrator: obspy trace compat in run_source_inversion_stream 2 months ago
mmetz 36adb969b4 inversion stream: handle multiple stationxml streams as list 2 months ago
mmetz 40e19f2b6b multiple updates: bugfix demonstator, inverter, sources 2 months ago
Malte Metz 2a2eca671c Merge pull request 'Merge new SI demonstrator functionality into master' (#13) from feature/source_injection_grid into master 2 months ago
mmetz 6ca7448b74 demonstrator: ids 2 months ago
mmetz 6c9656374f si demonstrator: return ensemble grond 2 months ago
mmetz a01d13ea74 ids report: updates 2 months ago
mmetz f6d95a50d0 demonstrator: grond compat 2 months ago
mmetz 86c0ca3cb0 si: fixes and upgrades 2 months ago
Malte Metz 1956198612 Merge pull request 'Merge of GM module into master' (#12) from gm into master 2 months ago
mmetz 12c91eb342 gm: style 2 months ago
lukas_dell e328635c81 Flush 2 months ago
lukas_dell 2dbfa0ea71 Intial GM Commit 2 months ago
mmetz 2ed500fe4c Grond io: Mean source extraction 5 months ago
Malte Metz cee1b2bf4a Merge pull request 'Origin feature within IDS' (#11) from feature/ids_origin into master 5 months ago
mmetz cff3badc28 ids: add seperate origin option 5 months ago
Malte Metz fc70dc3714 Merge pull request 'Mole bugfix: removed typo in get_module_extra' (#10) from bugfix/mole into master 5 months ago
mmetz d57eac9527 mole: bugfix removed typo 5 months ago
Malte Metz 0048cd3279 Merge pull request 'Large mole update:' (#9) from feature/mole_update into master 5 months ago
mmetz 7becee190a refurbishment: store ids as independent module 5 months ago
mmetz 39be2fce70 mole: use old mt options for PDR and IDS 5 months ago
mmetz 7f846a66e7 mole: both nodalplane IDS inversion 5 months ago
mmetz 2b321a141a data: ids example config 5 months ago
mmetz 1560357284 si module: bugfix 5 months ago
mmetz a75b83af8a ids source: bugfix in idslog 5 months ago
mmetz 7d768ab194 mole: updates 5 months ago
mmetz 16a4d95597 updates and bugfixes: 5 months ago
mmetz 01840efdde ids io: Update Waveform result for easier information access 6 months ago
mmetz 4daa881d43 ids io: further methods WaveformResultList 6 months ago
mmetz 6c39fd9c11 IDS: forward modeling handling 6 months ago
Malte Metz 8355a84f8e Merge pull request 'Update of source inversion to use the mole architecture' (#6) from si_update into master 7 months ago
mmetz 80a80c6881 si inverter: bugfixes and docs 7 months ago
mmetz bc1fb6523a mole si: update run 7 months ago
mmetz 4d44037f9f ids plot: updates 7 months ago
mmetz f22e74bad7 ids: various fixes (core, app, test) 7 months ago
mmetz 24789ebf84 mole: update si structure WIP 7 months ago
mmetz 71f4148eec IDS plotting: update 7 months ago
mmetz 5e0e587303 add requirements 8 months ago
mmetz 6a1c20937b Merge branch 'mole' 8 months ago
Malte Metz a85a829681 Merge pull request 'IDS source inversion frame update' (#4) from mole_dev into mole 8 months ago