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set -e
echo 'export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8' | sudo tee /etc/profile.d/
source /etc/profile.d/
sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install -y aptitude vim curl virt-what gedit
sudo apt-get install -y task-xfce-desktop lightdm
sudo apt-get remove -y light-locker
sudo cp /tmp/lightdm.conf /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
cd $HOME
mkdir -p .local/bin
cp /tmp/itc-update .local/bin/
chmod a+x .local/bin/itc-update
sudo apt-get install -y make git python3-setuptools python3-pip jupyter
sudo apt-get install -y \
gmt gmt-gshhg poppler-utils imagemagick
sudo apt-get install -y autoconf gfortran
sudo apt-get install -y jupyter
[ -d "$src" ] || mkdir "$src"
cd "$src"
[ -d "fomosto-qseis" ] || ( git clone \
&& cd fomosto-qseis && autoreconf -i && ./configure && make && sudo make install )
cd "$src"
[ -d "pyrocko" ] || ( git clone -b itc2023 \
&& cd pyrocko && python3 deps system --yes && python3 system --yes )
cd "$src"
[ -d "grond" ] || ( git clone -b itc2023 \
&& cd grond && sudo pip3 install --no-deps . )
cd "$HOME"
tar -xzvf "/tmp/itc-seis-dot-files-2023.tar.gz"