Virtualbox configuration scripts for the ITC MTI lectures.
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A virtual box image for the moment tensor exercises at the International Training Courses on Seismology and Seismic Hazard Assessment

This repos is an attempt to automatize part of the setup and configuration of the VM.

As a base box we need a .ova with a minimal system with

  • Make VM disk image large enough, e.g. growable to 30 GB.
  • Set RAM to about 4 GB, allow it to use 2 processor cores.
  • Current Debian minimal install, no desktop env (this time used Debian 11 because Virtualbox guest additions were not yet ready for Debian 12).
  • User root, password earthquake101
  • User itc, password earthquake101
  • Install sudo
  • Add user itc to group sudo
  • Install sshd
  • >> /home/itc/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Install vbox guest additions!
  • Remove guest additions ISO before exporting the ova.